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Mtwara College of Health and Allied Sciences

The college offers the following programs which are Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine, Ordinary Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery,  Ordinary Diploma in Health Information Sciences and Ordinary Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences

At the moment 5 permanent tutors along side with part time tutors from the regional hospital Ligula are facilitating the course. In total there are approximately 1200 students studying at Mtwara COHAS. Each year about 400 students qualify as Clinical Officers, Nurses and Pharm Technicians

From August 2006 Medical Students from University Maastricht, the Netherlands started doing their 10 weeks orientation elective at COTC and Ligula Regional Hospital.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Core Values

To improve the health of community through innovative education programs in medicine, allied health sciences and biomedical science, cutting-edge health research and management in health.

To become a centre of excellence in production of competent healthcare professionals, Quality research and consultancy service to the community in health related matter by 2023

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